Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seals

Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seals picture

Mechanical seal means comprises at least a pair of lower end face perpendicular to the axis of rotation under fluid pressure and spring force compensation mechanism (or magnetic), and the auxiliary sealing action with combined sliding and holding paste constituted prevent fluid leakage devices. Elastic Load institutions and secondary seal is metallic bellows mechanical seal we called metal bellows seal. In light seal, as well as the use of rubber bellows secondary seal, the rubber bellows stretch limited, usually need to be supplemented to meet the load spring stretch.

Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seals are precision, the structure is more complex mechanical foundation elements, a variety of pumps, reaction synthesis reactor, turbine compressor submersible motors and other key components of the device. Sealing performance and service life depends on many factors, such as precision machinery selection and correct installation and so on. Tungsten Online can provide various types of pumps (slurry) seals, oil seals and other mechanical seals.

Tungsten carbide mechanical seals features:

- Having certain mechanical properties, such as tensile strength of the mechanical seal, elongation;

- Appropriate elasticity and hardness, a small compression set;

- High temperature and low temperature, high temperature does not break down, softening, hardening at low temperatures is not;

- Compatible with the working media, no mechanical seal swelling Jiashan, decomposition, hardening;

- Oxygen resistance and good resistance to aging, durable;

- Wear-resistant, non-corrosive metal;

- Easy-forming, low prices.