Tungsten Carbide Type O Seals

Tungsten Carbide Type O Seals picture

Tungsten carbide type O sealsis a cross-sectional shape of a circular ring. Tungsten carbide type O seals hydraulic, pneumatic system most widely used as a seal. O-rings have good sealing performance, both for static seals, dynamic seals can also be used; not only can be used alone, but many modular sealing device basic components. Its range is very wide, if the material is properly selected, to meet a variety of media and a variety of sports terms.

Tungsten carbide type O seals extrusion, extrusion seals rely on the basic principle of the sealing member is elastically deformed, resulting in the sealing contact surface of the contact pressure, the contact pressure is greater than the internal pressure of the medium to be sealed, leakage does not occur, otherwise leakage.