Tungsten Carbide Seals Rolling

Tungsten Carbide Seals Rolling picture

Tungsten carbide ring is the hardest metal on the planet composed, they are more tougher than titanium rings and more durable than gold ring. This ring is usually used as a seal, disc cutters, and other instruments. Does not include tungsten Tungsten carbide ring is basically a steel ring, tungsten ring is very hard, but do not scratch. Tungsten carbide ring wear resistance, hardness, diamonds can only be scratched or corundum products containing minerals.

Tungsten carbide seals rollingproduction details:

- With carbide original raw material production, 100% alloy after pressure sintering, hardness and toughness of the product while increasing 30%.

- Unique design makes tungsten carbide seals rolling performance 20%, life expectancy increased by 30%.

- Industry-leading after-sales guarantee, 100% for defective products returned.