Tungsten Carbide Seals Scour Way

tungsten carbide seals picture

The most common way about tungsten carbide seals scour way include the following three categories:

1、Is the back flushing

Is the back flushing that it would be hard alloy seal sealed cavity medium leads to the pump outlet end, carbide seal ring flush, sealed chamber older media from time to time, to avoid the media particles, impurities, heavy precipitation, the conflict being Chi Gong damage.

2、Rinse itself

It refers to non-media, or by the pump under the pressure of the inlet end of the introduction, the conflict is first flushed into the pump chamber between the access. The most simple way to flush itself, but only on a case compared with being noisy media.

3、External flushing

External flush is another set of flushing fluid system, the temperature is below the sealing medium into the sealed chamber for flushing only requires flushing fluid into the selected media will not affect product quality.
External flush flush carbide seal ring used a class of minimal way, often used in the media exposed no particles and less pure quality seal, a separate washing liquid solution of systems, equipment and numerous add defeated the original, just being the media dilute closure request at very severe, since the selection of appropriate external agronomic system flushing fluid, is the most cumbersome external flushing whether by reduction approach, but the foreign media is to be sealed by being selected agronomic system has only just rinse solution. Take external wash, just wash fluid loss of the selection, reasonable structure design, whether little progress mechanical seal life.