Tungsten Carbide Seals Technical Requirements

tungsten carbide seals picture

Tungsten carbide seals with wear, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry and other mechanical seal.

Tungsten carbide seals technical requirements:

1、Tungsten carbide grade, the physical ,mechanical properties and microstructure used in the blank should comply with the relevant provisions of the standard criteria;

2、Blank off the edge, off angle depth not more than 0.33mm;

3、Rough surface may not have peeling, bubbling, delamination, cracking, porosity, over-burning, burning, etc. due to defects;

4、Rough section organization should be uniform, not have a black heart, bubbles, delamination, cracking, severe carburizing, decarbonization and not good pressure and other defects.

Tungsten carbide inspection rules and methods:

Rough detection rules executed with the provisions of GB5242's.